The #vegan movement

Australia is the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world. The desire to be healthy is one of the key factors influencing the increasing shift towards veganism, particularly amongst young females. Evidently, there are other, very honourable driving factors such as animal welfare and environmental impact, however the focus of our investigation will be on health.

Our focus is on teenage girls who are partaking in the vegan food trend. Veganism has become very popular online, particularly on Instagram which has had a significant influence on this shift. The concern, however, is that some people following a vegan diet do so with little education as to what essential nutrients they are eliminating and as a result, may actually be doing more harm to their health than good.

Here are a few interesting articles highlighting the increasing vegan population in Australia:

Two members of our investigative team, myself and Sophie Fisher have health related Instagram accounts (@healthsynergy and @coconutandbliss) showcasing a large selection of vegan recipes. With the assistance of a qualified health professional, we will  be sharing recipes on our #vegan is the new black website and social media channels with specific reference to the non-animal protein and nutrients contained in the recipes.


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