Is veganism only for the affluent?

As we explore the increasing popularity of vegan cafes in Sydney, it is interesting to observe the parallels in where they are located. The eastern suburbs and lower north shore are vegan hot spots, flooding with the very on-trend acai bowls, chia puddings and green smoothies (which are sure to be snapped for Instagram).

If you travel a little further out of the city, however, say, out west… Finding a good vegan meal may prove more of a challenge. This may have something (or everything) to do with the fact that a vegan meal often comes at the price of an arm and a leg.

This has led some to believe that veganism is a “first-world luxury” and a trend that is prevalent only amongst the elite. Many dedicated vegans, however, are against this view arguing that it is possible to be vegan on a budget. Among them is renowned vegan author and speaker, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, who says that eating a plant-based diet will actually save money, a view she explains in this short video.


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